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Russia Visa

Business Double Entry (1 month) : Requirements

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  1. Visa Form completed on line
  2. Colour Photograph of photo booth quality
  3. UK Company letter stating the following:
    1. Applicants full Name
    2. Passport Number
    3. Purpose of trip and the name of the company being visited as per the approval.
    4. The exact places to be visited as per the approval.
    5. The applicant’s company is financially responsible for the trip.
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval either as a 6 digit Telex number, or as a A5 sized paper document. If you are applying for a multiple entry visa and supplying the A5 sized document then you must supply the original.
  5. Passport with a minimum 6 months left to run from visa expiry date, and 2 clear pages. Officially 2 pages opposite must be clear, or they may be back to back.



Important Notice:
You must answer the questions on the Visa form regarding details of any previous employment and any further education truthfully.
If the applicant has never worked for another employer and/or never studied, then the applicant must type a letter headed to the Russian embassy explaining this and sign it.
The signature must match the one in their passport.
PHOTOS MUST BE ON A LIGHT WHITISH BACKGROUND. This is because eventually the applicant’s photo will appear on the visa.
The UK Company letter, application form and invite, must all mention exactly the same information in regards to the name of the company the applicant is visiting, and the places to be visited.